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Cast V

Title Performer Last Name Performer First Name Label Catalog # Cond Cover Cond Disc Comments Price Buy It!
Vagabond King ST Broadway Orchestra   Halo 50248 VG++ VG++ V Slt RW/V Slt scuffs $8.00 Add To Cart
Vagabond King SC Lanza Mario / Judith Raskin RCA LSC 2509(Stereo) NM VG++ Shrink/Shaded Dog Living Stereo lbl/V Slt scuffs $10.00 Add To Cart
Valley Of The Dolls OST Williams John / Tony Scotti 20th Century S 4196(Stereo) NM VG++ Shrink/Slt scuffs $12.00 Add To Cart
Velveteen Rabbit SC Streep Meryl / George Winston Dancing Cat DC 3007(Stereo) VG++ NM V Slt EW $10.00 Add To Cart
Victor Herbert, Music Of Crooks Richard / Nathaniel Shilkret / Al Goodman Camden CAL 228 VG+ VG++ Slt RW/Slt EW/Slt scuffs $8.00 Add To Cart
View To A Kill OST Barry John / Duran Duran Capitol SJ 512413(Stereo) VG++ NM V Slt RW/V Slt EW $8.00 Add To Cart
Visions Of Eight OST Mancini Henry RCA ABL1-0231(Stereo) NM NM Shrink/GF/sawcut $12.00 Add To Cart
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