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Merchant OrderForm v1.53 DropBox Examples View Cart Contents

You can use Drop Boxes to Submit to MOF; however, you have to follow all the Rules for submitting quantity-order(s) for the particular postmode that you use. Here are some examples.

1. Drop Box Input Using SinglePost Mode

You can submit your main product from a drop box via postmode= SINGLEPOST where your options contain different products, and different order information for pricing, etc. However, you must make the default selection in your Main Product DropBox a Null value so that MOF can detect if nothing was selected. Without a Null for default selected value MOF will always add that item, because it looks like an order was submitted.

  • postmode=SINGLEPOST

2. Drop Box Input Using CheckBoxes Mode

You can submit your product from Drop Boxes via postmode= CHECKBOXES. With DropBoxes we don't need the checkboxes, but make sure to submit a Null as the default value selected for your DropBox so MOF can tell if nothing was selected. Also, the same rules apply as checkboxes: you must submit 6 fields as your value for each option, and you cannot have any user input under this mode.

  • postmode=CHECKBOXES

3. List Box Input Using CheckBoxes Mode

Okay, still using postmode= CHECKBOXES let's use a Multi Select List Box, same Rules apply for CheckBoxes--No user input, must submit all 6 fields. Since the list box acts like actual checkboxes and doesn't submit any order information unless something is actually selected, then you don't need to set up a Null default selected option.

  • postmode=CHECKBOXES

4. Drop Box Input Using QuantityBoxes Mode

Here's an example of DropBoxes using the postmode= QUANTITYBOXES. Remember to follow all the Rules for QuantityBoxes: Must submit matching numbers for quantityN, orderN, and any user_inputN for each group, the orderN is only 5 fields (because quantityN is user input). Since quantityboxs mode requires the user to enter a valid number for quantity before MOF searches for the order data, you don't have to make a Null value as the default selection in your drop box; however, if you don't then MOF will use the default selected order information. If you use a Null default value selected, then MOF will check to see that an order was selected.

  • postmode=QUANTITYBOXES

Happy Ordering
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