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Merchant OrderForm v1.53 Price Adjust Examples View Cart Contents

This is an example of how to add price adjustments to a base product and price depending on what product options are selected.

1. The Fantastic Drum Set Combo: Base Price $ 699.95

What Type of Skins for your Set ?

What type of Rim for your Set ?
Standard Chrome Rim no charge
Metalic Silver Add $ 99.00
Purple Metalflake Add $ 22.55
Rainbow Rims Add $ 19.98
Green Gardenhose Rims Subtract $ 55.00

What Color for your Set ?
What Name to put on the Set ?
What type of Printing for the Name ?
Plain Black Lettering
24 karat Gold Engraving $ 249.00

Notes on this form input

Each product option can be required input or not, and each product option selected will adjust the price according to an underlying value for that particular option. A product option may have a negative value, a zero value, or a positive value for adjusting the base price of the starting product. Each product option can be laid out as a drop box, list box, or radio button. You probably don't want to use checkboxes, since checkboxes don't have a way to force only one selection per group.

You must declare all field names throughout your Product Input pages that will be used as Price Adjusting Fields. Declare the Field Names in the Front End configuration file, under the @field_adjustments array. Do not format any Field names in your forms as Price Adjusting Fields unless you declare them in the configuration file. If you do this, then product information will be distorted. It's okay to use the same Field Names for Regular fields and Price Adjusting fields, as long as you have it declared as a Price Adjusting Field. If Mof sees a Field formatted for Price Adjustments, but cannot locate it declared in the @field_adjustments array, then it does not treat it as a Price Adjusting field. Mof treats product option input as containing price adjustment data only if it is declared in that array.

  • A Price Adjusting Field value looks like this:
  • value=Some Description----19.29
You must use the same default delimiter seperating Description----Price, as you used in your main products. If a particular option does not effect price then designate the price as zero. If a particular option subtracts from the item's base price then you must use the delimiter (4 hyphens) and the minus sign, which means that your description-----price will be seperated by 5 hyphens. Use only 4 hyphens to seperate description and an added expense to the itme's base price. Always use the 0.00 format, use two decimil spaces.

You don't have to specify the price adjustment in the description. Mof will add that as it processes the adjustment. You do need to add the Base Price into the main item description as in the example below.

  • postmode=SINGLEPOST
  • quantity=1
  • order=Fantastic Drum Set----Handmade custom drum set $ 699.95----699.95----13----1

Happy Ordering
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