Merchant OrderForm v1.53 Front End Variables Available

For programmers who want to build their own payment processing using the Merchant OrderForm v1.53 Front End.

All Shipping Address Info is Available in %frm ?

    All Other Info in %frm ?

    Here is a list of all the info in %frm outside the Shipping Destination fields. The remaining data is a complete listing of all results from the computations routines when the preview is computed. All info is listed here in no particular order. All of the %Computations array is POSTed to the next process (mofpayment.cgi) as listed here and will end up in that %frm array.

      Here's how the tabulations occur. You must follow this sequence if you will be reproducing any itimized output of the invoice. The computations are already done, the above variables hold the results off all computations.
      1. Number of products and initial summed price
      2. Any Regular discountes applied
      3. Any Coupon discounts applied
      4. Sub Total after any discounts
      5. Tax Amount (if taxing Before SHI)
        • Tax_Rule eq "BEFORE"
        • Adjusted_Tax_Amount_Before Amount to be taxed
        • Tax_Amount Actual tax
        • Tax_Rate
      6. Handling charges
        • Handling
        • Handling_Status Message
      7. Insurance charges
        • Insurance
        • Insurance_Status Message
      8. Shipping charges
        • Total_Weight if used
        • Shipping_Amount
        • Shipping_Message Message
      9. Tax Amount (if taxing After SHI)
        • Tax_Rule eq "AFTER"
        • Adjusted_Tax_Amount_After Amount to be taxed
        • Tax_Amount Actual tax
        • Tax_Rate
      10. Actual Total for Invoice All adjustments
        • Final_Amount
      orders Array

      You must always build a seperate array from the parsed input. MOF processes product information in this array and format.

      Happy Ordering
      Merchant OrderForm v1.53 Copyright RGA