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Country B

Last Name or Group First Name Title Label Catalog # Cond Cover Cond Disc Comments Price Buy It!
Bee Molly It's Great...It's Molly Bee MGM SE 4303(Stereo) VG(+?) VG(+?) Slt RW/Slt EW/scuffs/Slt WOBC $4.00 Add To Cart
Belew Carl Another Lonely Night Hilltop JM 6013 VG+ VG+ Slt RW/Slt EW/Slt scuffs $8.00 Add To Cart
Belew Carl S/T Wrangler WS 31007(Stereo) VG VG RW/EW $8.00 Add To Cart
Blue Boys   Live...In Person RCA LPM 3696 VG+ NM V Slt RW/CO $8.00 Add To Cart
Bond Johnny That Wild Wicked But Wonderful West Starday SLP 147 VG(+?) VG+ Slt RW/split/scuffs $10.00 Add To Cart
Brady Pete and Blazers Murder Ballads ABC-Par ABC 310 VG++ VG++   $10.00 Add To Cart
Britt Elton Yodel Songs RCA LPM 1288 VG VG Long Play lbl/RW/EW/taped seams $10.00 Add To Cart
Browns   Our Favorite Folk Songs RCA LPM 2333 VG VG Long Play lbl/RW/EW/split $3.00 Add To Cart
Browns   Three Shades Of Brown RCA LPM 2987 VG+ VG+ Blk lbl/Promo stmp OBC/Slt RW/Slt EW/scuffs $6.00 Add To Cart
Browns   Town And Country RCA LPM 2174 VG++ VG++ Long Play lbl/V Slt RW $8.00 Add To Cart
Burnette Dorsey Things I Treasure Calliope CAL 7006(Stereo) SS SS Sealed $8.00 Add To Cart
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