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Exotic P

Last Name or Group First Name Title Label Catalog # Condition Cover Condition Vinyl Comments Price Buy It!
Page Gene Orch Page 1 VMC VS 125 VG(+?) VG+ Slt EW/Slt RW/scuffs $4.00 Add To Cart
Palm Beach Band Boys   Winchester Cathedral RCA LSP 3734(Stereo) VG+ VG+ B. Mure/Slt EW/Slt RW/scuffs/V Slt WOBC $6.00 Add To Cart
Pandit Korla At The Pipe Organ Fantasy 3286(Stereo) VG+ VG+ Red Vinyl/V Slt EW/V Slt RW/DJ Stamp OBC/scuffs $20.00 Add To Cart
Pandit Korla Love Letters Fantasy 8070(Stereo) NM VG++ Shrink $12.00 Add To Cart
Pandit Korla Speak To Me Of Love Fantasy 3293 VG++ VG+ Red Vinyl/Slt RW $12.00 Add To Cart
Pasadena Roof Orchestra   S/T Island ILPS 9324(Stereo) NM NM shrink $8.00 Add To Cart
Paul Les And Mary Ford Hit Makers Capitol T 416 VG++ VG+ Rainbow lbl/V Slt RW/V Slt EW/Slt scuffs $10.00 Add To Cart
Paul Les And Mary Ford Lovers' Luau Columbia CS 8086(Stereo) VG++ VG++ Eyes lbl/V Slt RW/V Slt EW $10.00 Add To Cart
Pena Paco Art Of The Flamenco Guitar Decca(British) PFS 4270(Stereo) NM NM British Import/Shrink $10.00 Add To Cart
Percussion All Stars   Predominant Percussion Crown CST 216(Stereo) VG VG++ Red Vinyl/B. Collette-R. Kamuka-C. Candoli-B. Kessel-A. Viola-etc/RW/part split $8.00 Add To Cart
Persuasive Percussion   S/T Broadway BRS 102(Stereo) VG VG+ RW/EW/taped seams(not split) $5.00 Add To Cart
Phillps Stu/L.A. Philharmonic Orch Battlestar Galactica OST MCA 3051 NM NM Shrink $10.00 Add To Cart
Phillips Teddy Saxophone Dance Parade Wing MGW 12128 VG(+?) VG+ Slt RW/Slt EW/scuffs $6.00 Add To Cart
Piastro Mishel Pops Concert In Hi-Fi Decca DL 8573 VG+ VG++ Pink lbl Promo/textured cvr/V Slt EW $6.00 Add To Cart
Pillar Max And Orch Where Dreams Come True Seafair MLP 1000 VG+ VG+ Great Space Needle cvr/DNAP $6.00 Add To Cart
Pleis Jack Orch Music For Two Sleepy People Decca DL 8763 VG(+?) VG+ Pink lbl promo/Slt EW/Slt RW $7.00 Add To Cart
Portillo Tito Night In Latin America Richmond B 20052 VG+ VG+ Slt RW/Slt EW/DNAP $4.00 Add To Cart
Pourcel Franck Our Man In Paris Imperial LP 9304 VG+ VG++ Promo lbl/Slt RW/Slt EW/Slt WOC $6.00 Add To Cart
Prabhupada A.C. Bhaktivedanta Gosvami Krsna Meditation Radha Krsna Prod RKP 1005(Stereo) VG(+?) VG+ Slt RW/Slt EW/scuffs $5.00 Add To Cart
Prince-Joseph Bruce Anything Goes Hi-Fi On Harpsichord RCA/Camden CAL 416 VG+ VG+ Al Caiola-M. Hinton-J. Blowers $6.00 Add To Cart
Prado Perez/Eddie Maynard Dance Party Spinorama MK 3025 VG(+?) VG(+?) Slt RW/Slt EW/scuffs $4.00 Add To Cart
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