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Personality R

Last Name or Group First Name Title Label Catalog # Cond Cover Cond Disc Comments Price Buy It!
Read Kathleen Danson Early English Ballads Folkways FL 9881 VG+ VG++ Lyric book/V Slt RW/Slt EW/Slt scuffs $18.00 Add To Cart
Redford Robert Language And Music Of The Wolves Tonsil 003(Stereo) VG(+?) VG++ Natural History Mag Member Bonus/Slt RW/Slt EW $8.00 Add To Cart
Rickles Don Hello Dummy! Warner Bros WS 1745(Stereo) NM NM Shrink $12.00 Add To Cart
Rinder Walter Reads Spectrum Of Love Celestial Arts 1001 VG(+?) NM GF/Lyric insert/Slt RW/Slt EW/Slt WOC $8.00 Add To Cart
Robin Alen / Earle Doud Welcome To The LBJ Ranch Capitol W 2423 VG+ VG(+?) J. Cameron Sayze- R. Kennedy-R. Nixon-etc/Slt RW/Slt EW/scuffs $6.00 Add To Cart
Rogers Mister (Fred) Let's Be Together Today Small World 80264 VG(+?) VG(+?) Slt RW/Slt EW/scuffs/taped seam/Slt peel OC $5.00 Add To Cart
Rogers Mister (Fred) Won't You Be My Neighbor Mr Pickwick SPC 5137(Stereo) VG VG RW/EW $4.00 Add To Cart
Rogers Will S/T Murray Hill M51220 VG+ NM 3LP Box/Slt RW/Slt EW $18.00 Add To Cart
Rowan And Martin   Humor Of... Epic FLS 15109(Stereo) VG+ VG+ Yellow lbl/Slt RW/Slt EW/Slt scuffs $10.00 Add To Cart
Russell Anna In Darkest Africa Columbia ML 5195 VG+ VG++ White Promo Eyes lbl/Slt RW/Slt EW $8.00 Add To Cart
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