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Rock F

Rock F
Last Name or Group First Name Title Label Catalog # Cond Cover Cond Disc Comments Price
Fabulous Thunderbirds
Tuff Enuff CBS FZ 40304(Stereo) NM VG++ Shrink/Lyric Pic slv/D. Edmunds/V Slt scuffs$6.00
Ooh La La Warner Bros BS 2665(Stereo) VG+ VG++ Poster/Diecut Moving GF cvr/Slt RW/Slt EW$5.00
S/T Faction 02(Stereo) VG++ NM Blue Vinyl/V Slt RW/V Slt EW$8.00
Fairport Convention
Rising For The Moon Island ILPS 9313(Stereo) VG(+?) VG++ Slt RW/Slt EW$5.00
Faithful Marianne Faithful Forever London LL 3482 VG VG Slt RW/EW/Slt stain/scuffs$5.00
Faithful Marianne Go Away From My World London PS 452(Stereo) VG VG RW/EW/WOBC$5.00
Faithful Marianne S/T London PS 423(Stereo) VG VG RW/EW$5.00
Faithful Marianne S/T London LL 3424 VG VG Slt RW/EW/WOBC$5.00
Faithful Marianne S/T SuperStar(Italian) SU 1029(Stereo) SS SS Italian Import/Sealed/GF/12 page color book$15.00
Faithful Marianne S/T SuperStar(Italian) SU 1029(Stereo) NM NM Italian Import/GF/12 page color book$12.00
Bandstand UA UAS 5644(Stereo) VG(+?) VG+ Diecut Shaped cvr/Slt RW/Slt EW/scuffs$5.00
Farina Sandy All Alone In The Night MCA 5115(Stereo) VG(+?) VG+ Promo stmp OC/Slt RW/Slt EW/scuffs$4.00
S/T Elektra EKS 74083(Stereo) VG(+?) VG+ V Slt RW/EW/scuffs/CC$4.00
Fat Boys/Beach Boys
Wipeout! 12in Tin Pan Apple 885 960-1(Stereo) VG++ VG++ V Slt EW$4.00
Fats & The Chessmen
Come On Everybody Let's Do The Twist Somerset P 15100 VG(+?) VG+ Slt RW/Slt EW/part split/scuffs$4.00
Ferguson Jay Thunder Island Asylum 7E-115(Stereo) VG(+?) VG++ Lyric pic slv/sawcut/Slt RW/Slt EW$5.00
Fireballs (Jimmy Gilmer &)
Bottle Of Wine Atco SD 33-239(Stereo) VG++ VG+ Shrink/V Slt EW/scuffs$10.00
Fireballs (Jimmy Gilmer &)
Bottle Of Wine Atco SD 33-239(Stereo) VG VG RW/EW/stain/split$4.00
Fireballs (Jimmy Gilmer &)
The Sensational... Crown CLP 5387 VG VG(+?) Grey lbl/RW/Slt EW/Slt WOC/WOL/taped seam/scuffs$5.00
First Edition
69 Reprise RS 6328(Stereo) VG VG(+?) Hit stkr/RW/EW/V Slt WOC/WOL$3.00
Fisher Matthew I'll Be There RCA APL-1-0325(Stereo) VG(+?) NM Slt EW/Slt RW/Slt H2O OBC/sawcut$6.00
Fisher Matthew Journey's End RCA APL-1-0195(Stereo) VG(+?) VG++ GF/Slt EW/Slt RW/sawcut$6.00
Fleetwood Mac
Bare Trees Reprise MS 2080(Stereo) VG(+?) VG++ Brown lbl/Slt RW/Slt EW$5.00
Fleetwood Mac
Black Magic Woman Epic KEG 30632(Stereo) VG NM Orange lbl/2LP/re-is of 1st & 2nd/GF/RW/EW$6.00
Fleetwood Mac
S/T Reprise BN 26402(Stereo) VG(+?) VG+ Yellow lbl/Slt RW/EW/V Slt WOC/scuffs$8.00
Fleetwood Mac
Future Games Reprise RS 6465(Stereo) VG VG+ Brown lbl/Green cvr/RW/Slt EW$5.00
Fleetwood Mac
Heroes Are Hard To Find Reprise MS 2196(Stereo) VG(+?) VG+ Brown lbl/Slt RW/Slt EW$5.00
Fleetwood Mac
Kiln House Reprise RS 6408(Stereo) VG+ VG++ Brown lbl/GF/V Slt RW/V Slt EW$6.00
Fleetwood Mac
Mystery To Me Reprise MS 2158(Stereo) VG VG+ Brown lbl/GF/RW/Slt EW/For Your Love version$4.00
Fleetwood Mac
Mystery To Me Reprise MS 2158(Stereo) VG+ NM Brown lbl/V Slt RW/V Slt EW/For Your Love version$8.00
Fleetwood Mac
Penguin Reprise MS 2138(Stereo) VG(+?) VG++ Brown lbl/GF/Slt RW/Slt EW$5.00
Mr. Blue Dolton BLP 2001 VG+ VG+ White lbl Promo/V Slt RW/Slt EW/part split 4in/scuffs$30.00
Album Generic Flipper Subterranean SUB 25(Stereo) VG(+?) VG+ Slt RW/Slt EW/scuffs$8.00
S/T Columbia CS 9911(Stereo) VG VG 360 Sound lbl/J. Goodman/RW/EW/taped seam$3.00
Focus 3 Sire SAS 3901(Stereo) VG VG+ 2LP/Diecut GF cvr/RW/Slt EW/scuffs$6.00
Live At The Rainbow Sire SAS 7408(Stereo) VG+ VG(+?) Slt RW/Slt EW/CC/scuffs$4.00
Fogelberg Dan/Tim Weisberg Twin Sons Of Different Mothers Epic(Japan) 25-3P-180(Stereo) VG(+?) NM Japanese Import/GF/Obi/Insert/Slt H2O OC$8.00
Fogerty John Centerfield Warner Bros 1-25203(Stereo) VG++ NM Lyric pic slv$5.00
Boogie Motel Bearsville BHS 6990(Stereo) VG+ NM Pic slv/Slt RW/V Slt EW/sawcut$5.00
Foley Ellen Nightout Epic JE 36052(Stereo) VG+ VG++ Prod Mick Ronson-Ian Hunter/Pic slv/Slt RW$5.00
Foley Ellen Spirit Of St Louis Epic NJE 36984(Stereo) VG++ VG++ Prod Mick Jones/Clash/Pic slv$6.00
Fontana Wayne & Mindbenders Game Of Love Fontana MGF 27542 NA VG- no cvr$1.00
Forbert Steve Jackrabbit Slim Nemperor JZ 36191(Stereo) NM VG++ Shrink$6.00
Ford Tennessee Ernie Ol' Rockin' Ern Capitol T 888 VG+ VG(+?) Turq lbl/V Slt RW/Slt EW/scuffs - plays VG+$15.00
4 Atlantic SD 16999(Stereo) SS SS Sealed$6.00
Genuine Imitation Life Creative Sound CSS 1564(Stereo) NM NM Shrink$12.00
Baby Now That I've Found You Uni 73016(Stereo) VG+ VG+ Slt RW/Slt EW/scuffs$8.00
Four Seasons
Brotherhood Of Man Pickwick SPC 3223(Stereo) NM VG++ Shrink$6.00
Four Seasons
Helicon Warner Bros BS 3016(Stereo) SS SS Sealed/sawcut$12.00
Four Seasons
Sherry & 11 Others Vee Jay SR 1053(Stereo) VG VG RW/EW/taped seam$5.00
Four Seasons/Barrons(aka Crescendos)
Bermuda & Spanish Lace Guest Star GS 1481(Stereo) VG(+?) VG Slt RW/Slt EW$4.00
Four Tops
Tonight! Casablanca NBLP 7258(Stereo) VG++ VG+ $5.00
Francis Connie Brylcreem Presents Sing Along With... Mati-Mor8002 VG VG(+?) Jordanaires/Slt EW/RW/split/scuffs$8.00
Francis Connie Do The Twist MGM SE 4022(Stereo) VG++ VG Shrink/Blk lbl/$Stkr stapled on/V Slt EW/DNAP/Plays nice$8.00
Frankie Goes To Hollywood
Welcome To The Pleasuredome Island A1-90232(Stereo) VG+ VG+ 2LP/GF/Pic slvs/V Slt RW$6.00
Franklin Aretha Greatest Hits Atlantic SD 8295(Stereo) VG++ VG(+?) V Slt RW/V Slt EW/scuffs$4.00
Franklin Aretha Lady Soul Atlantic SD 8176(Stereo) VG VG+ 1841 Broadway lbl/Slt RW/Slt EW/scuffs$5.00
Franklin Aretha Young Gifted & Black Atlantic SD 7213(Stereo) VG VG 1841 Broadway lbl/RW/EW$3.00
Free Beer
S/T Southwind SWS 6402(Stereo) VG(+?) VG+ Slt RW/EW$6.00
Fresh Gordon
The Fresh Commandments 12in Tommy Boy TB 882 VG(+?) VG+ Slt RW/Slt EW/scuffs$5.00
Froese Edgar Ypsilon In Malaysian Pale Brain(Germn) 1074(Stereo) VG+ NMSlt EW$12.00
Funky Kings
S/T Arista AL 4078(Stereo) VG(+?) VG+ White lbl Promo/Jules Shear-Jack Tempchin-etc/Promo Stkr OBC/Slt RW/Slt EW/scuffs$6.00

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